12 Best Snacks To Eat On The Keto Diet – Save Ketosis!

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Best Snacks To Eat On The Keto Diet

We all crave a good crunchy, sweet or salty snack sometimes, on whatever diet we might be on. And with most diets, having a cheat here and there, maybe even twice to three times a week is still fine.

But with the keto diet, if you cheat with something that’s high in carbs/sugar even once, you could easily get kicked out of ketosis. That’s why it’s important to know the best snacks to eat on the keto diet, so that you keep losing the weight.

If you have the time to make stuff that’s keto-friendly at home and following a recipe, then it makes things easy. What makes it hard is when you’re on the go, like a working professional who is also a parent for example, because you don’t have the time to prepare anything other than meals.

That’s when you’ll want to look into commercially produced snacks and unfortunately, many of the traditional snacks at the grocery or convenience stores have a lot of carbs in them. So how do you ever get keto-friendly snacks?

In this review, you’ll find a list of my favourite keto-friendly snacks to grab and go, that easy and fun!

Why Is It Important To Eat Keto-Friendly Snacks?

The keto diet is a diet that requires you to eat higher amounts of fats than any other diet, with moderate protein and very low amounts of carbs. The reason why you need the high fat is to switch your body from burning carbs to fat for energy.

When your body makes the switch, your liver starts breaking down the fat to make ketones, a process called Ketosis, and that’s what your body would start to use for energy. But your body can only accomplish this in the absence of insulin.

That’s why carbs need to be very low on the keto diet, because you don’t want your insulin to spike. Once it does, it will kick you out of ketosis and your body will start burning carbs for energy again.

Even one cheat meal or snack could be enough to kick you out of ketosis and your days of hard work to get into ketosis would go down the drain. It could take a few days, upto one week, to get back into ketosis after a cheat.

Not to mention that after a cheat, depending on how much carbs you eat, that you could gain a pound or two back. Most of this would be water weight, but yet again, you’d need to take a few days to re-adjust to burning fat again.

That’s why you need to be prepared for when the cravings kick in, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes crunchy potato chips and/or sweet snacks. I’m definitely one of them and if I didn’t discover snacks to have for each craving, I wouldn’t have been as successful on the keto diet.

So let’s check out a few that you can get from the regular grocery store and a few that you can get from Amazon. If you have the PRIME membership, then you get them delivered within days, sometimes, even within 24 hours!

Snacks From Regular Grocery Stores

I love to be able to grab snacks from the grocery store whenever I’m doing my regular grocery shopping because they’re simple and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Plus , they’re great for clean keto.

However, you won’t find anything sweet here since everything that’s sweet, will have SUGAR in them at the grocery store. There may be some sugar-free confectionaries, but beware of those since they’ll have bad sweeteners in them.

For example, I see a lot of stuff that has maltitol in them and compared to other sweeteners, it is still pretty high on the glycemic index. Thus I would steer clear of them.

Here are my go-to grocery store snacks:

1) Cheeses

When I started keto, what happened with me was that I didn’t eat enough proteins. I ended up starting to lose my hair because of it. That’s why I always make sure that I’m meeting my protein macros now and one snack that helps me with that is cheese.

My favorite are cheese sticks and cheese slices. I eat them on their own or wrap them in a slice of chicken bologna. I don’t eat bacon but you could also wrap bacon and cheese together, pop them in the oven for a few minutes and you’d get a high-protein snack.

I also get cream cheese since you can use it as a dip for a lot of other things, like veggies. I mix softened cream cheese with a little bit of freshly chopped chives. Dipping celery in that is heavenly!

There are some cheeses with a lot of added sugars and carbs, so be sure to look at the label to make sure the carb content is as low as possible.

2) Jerky

Those are usually found near the cashiers at most supermarkets, even at gas stations or other convenience stores. You can get pork or beef jerky as snacks. Again, make sure that there aren’t a lot of added carbs.

These are great on the go. All you need to do is grab a few, if they’re not individually wrapped, and pop them in a ziplock bag and into your bag.

3) Olives

Olives are high in fat and low in protein and carbs, so they’re great for snacking when you’re low on fats on a given day. I love having olives with little bits of cheddar cheese, if I’m low on protein intake for the day as well.

They come in a lot of brands so just make sure that the brand that you’re buying does not have a lot of added sugars, especially if they’re canned or pickled.

4) Nuts And Seeds

Some nuts and seeds have more carb content than others and thus, you should really take a look at the label.

The best nut to have on a keto diet is macadamia nut. For about 1 serving of macadamia nuts (about 30g), you get about 20g of fat, 2 grams of protein and 2 grams of carbs. And that’s about 200 calories!

So not only is it very filling, but it won’t kick you out of ketosis.

Beware of some other nuts and seeds as they will generally be higher in carb content than macadamia nuts, for the same serving.

FYI: Peanuts aren’t nuts, they are legumes and thus, their carb content will be higher for the same serving of 30g.

5) Hard-boiled Eggs

If you’re on keto, you’re probably already eating eggs. Sometimes yes, we can get bored of them but they’re one of the best snacks that you can have on keto and they’re found in about every supermarket, even in most convenience stores and at some gas stations.

Just buy yourself a tray and boil the eggs for about 10 minutes at home.

I usually boil a whole tray (of 12) at home and keep them in the fridge to be eaten over several days. I only eat some of them for snacks and on other days, I can use them to make a fast and easy egg salad.

They come in very handy on days when I gotta rush to go to work.

6) Avocados

Yeah, I’m sure a lot of you are going to be like “Yuck!” but hey, avocado is one of the staples of keto. I don’t particularly love it, but I don’t have it either and if I’m not able to buy the other stuff for any reason, I make sure to grab one or two avocados.

I wait for them to become ripe and that’s when I eat them, sometimes along with my meals. Some other times, I make dips out of them for my other snacks, like guac, and at other times, I just add it in my smoothies for some extra richness.

And some people just like to eat them raw. Why not? Great snack, at least form the perspective of the macros.

Snacks from Amazon

This is the list that will most probably appeal to you because most people will want something sweet once in a while and they’re the stuff that’s harder to find in grocery stores. That’s why I always order a pack of them in advance to be prepared for when the craving kicks in.

Again, make sure that your snacks don’t have any maltitol in them. If you’re looking for something sweet, make sure that it is sweetened with stevia extracts or with erythritol. These sweeteners are your best bet.

Here’s my list of go-to Amazon snacks. Like I said, I usualy stock up on them when I shop to be prepared for when the craving kicks in.

1) Lily’s Chocolate

I love Lily’s chocolate because the ingredients are very keto-friendly and they taste like actual chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Eating what you’re craving will get rid of it.

Chocolate is usually associated with high amounts of sugar but not Lily’s because it is sweetened with Erythritol and stevia extract, which are completely safe on keto.

You can also use Lily’s choclate to meet your fat macros if you haven’t had much fat for the day because coconut milk fat and cocoa butter are usually used in their recipes to increase fat per serving.

And did I mention they taste like actual chocolate?

You still have to watch the amount you eat because depending on which flavour you get, there are still carbs in them. I’ve seen a variation from between 1g net carb to 5g net carb per serving.

2) Love Good Fats Bars

If you’re the type of person who likes their protein bar as a snack or fast breakfast, then you’ve got to try Love Good Fats. Well, they’re not really full of proteins but rather, full of fat to kick start your morning.

They’re so filling and taste really good. Just make sure that you store them in a cool place, away from heat because they’re made of healthy fats. They will melt.

They’re so high in fats that I prefer to use them at the end of the day, just in case I need to top up my fats for the day.

I love how they have a lot of different flavours to choose from too and how they’re low in sugar. My favourite is the Cookie Dough Flavour.

3) Moon Cheese

If you crave potato chips, then the Moon cheese snack is perfect for you. It’s actual cheese baked to a crisp and so crunchy and salty to the taste!

You’ll love Moon Cheese because it comes in 3 different cheese flavours, like Cheddar, Gouda and Pepper Jack. And they taste like the real thing, only crunchy!

There’s no refrigeration required and you could still each the whole bag in one sitting, just like regular potato chips. The Gouda and Pepper Jack flavours have 0g carbs in them per bag and the Cheddar flavour has 5g net carbs.

Can’t go wrong with any of them, because they’re all keto-friendly and low-carb. Just take your pick!

4) Elan Organic Coconut Smiles

I know you’re probably thinking that all of these other ones are not as healthy as you could be and maybe you prefer to stick with something whole. Well, I got just the right snack for you.

You can get Elan Organic Coconut smiles, which is only 2g net carbs for serving and is very high in fiber. It’s basically dried coconut pieces and it’s organic too, instead of the ones pumped with GMOs.

These also have a little crunch to them, if you’re wondering what the texture is like and it’s wonderful if you are addicted to potato chips. It will get rid of the craving.

5) Smart Sweets gummies

If you’re a gummy worms/bears person, and you’re the kind of person who loves to grab them from Bulk Barn, then I just want to let you know that I was one of them too. And when I started Keto, I couldn’t get any gummies from there.

Obviously because of the sugar content of these little buggers!

So, I had to find a keto-friendly substitute for when the craving really kicks in. That’s when I found Smart Sweets gummies. With only 3g of sugar per bag, you won’t go above 5g net carbs per serving in general.

They come in 4 different flavours; Sweet Fish, Sour Blast Buddies, Fruity Gummy Bears and Sour Gummy Bears.

But since the sugar content is a little higher with Smart Sweets, I wouldn’t eat them everyday as a snack. I would keep them for special occasions on when I’m really craving it.

6) Fat Snax cookies

I’m not a huge cookie fan, but I know a lot of you out there are, so here’s one for you guys. I know you must love chocolate chip cookies and aside from making a keto-friendly version of one at home, you can get Fat Snax Cookies.

They don’t only come in Chocolate chip though, they also come in peanut butter as well as lemony flavours. What I really like is that each cookie is made of completely keto-friendly ingredients, like almond flour and sweetened with stevia extract.

Depending on the flavour you get, you can expect to be ingesting between 2g – 5g net carbs per cookie. It could be a little higher in carbs, as you can see, so be sure to only eat one or two when your cravings hit.

But at least, it’s not going to kick you out of ketosis, like those other grocery store cookies.

Which Snacks Are Your Favourites?

Share with us your favourite snacks in the comments section below. If I also missed any of your favourite snacks, let me also know below so that I can add them to the list and try them myself. I’m always on the look-out for something new!

Do you agree with me that these are the best snacks to eat on the keto diet, though?

Thanks for reading and don’t forget that losing weight is a journey. We didn’t put the weight on overnight but over a longer period of time. In the same way, we won’t lose the weight overnight.

You can do it! Use this list of snacks to give the your cravings a kick in the butt!

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