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Welcome to keto Like a Pro, the website for everything Keto.

No matter what part of the Keto journey you’re on, if you’re still researching and haven’t started, you’re a beginner, are an intermediate Keto-er or even if you’re an expert, I hope that you can take away from my website.

For any questions you may have, suggestions, opinions or even if you have a disagreement with anything that I say or put on my website, you can email me at reyhana@ketolikeapro.com. I personally read and respond to all emails.

That’s The Part I Tell You About Me, Right?

Well, I’m a 25 year old female at 5’4″ in height and currently weigh 152lbs. That’s not too bad, you might say, but I still have a lot of work to do. My ideal weight should be 135lbs.

At home, it is the hubby and I and our 2 kitties; Jumper and Quinn. Don’t worry, nobody else is on Keto but me, especially not the kitties. LOL

Why did I start Keto? Well, before I answer this, I want to tell you that I haven’t always been overweight. I used to eat what I liked in high-school; pizza 3 times a week, rice for dinner and sandwiches for lunch. As you can see, that’s a ton of carbs.

And yet, I was actually underweight at 120lbs. I was keeping fit, you see. I played badminton and had Phys. Ed. class almost every single day. Naturally, I was burning as much energy as I was ingesting. All was perfect there.

A few years later, I started a desk job and that’s where it all started. I was out of school and didn’t have the Phys. Ed. classes to keep me fit and found the gym boring, compared to badminton.

I would have wanted to find a badminton partner, but just never found one. I just sat there at the desk, working day after day.

It was not a sudden but gradual weight gain. I got married in that time and was still okay at around 140lbs but then, I got two injuries one after the other: one was a leg injury and the other an arm injury, where I was off work for a long time.

So, I was even less active and before I knew it, I was nearing 200lbs – I was exactly at 195lbs, which was frightening to me! That was after 6 years out of high school. I was heavier than even my husband who is 5’11.

I’m the one on the left

I started looking at diets; like the low-calorie diet, the military diet, the ultra-low fat diet, and I tried weight loss pills, slimming teas and so on, but none actually worked.

I tried WW for 10 days, where I was progressing nicely but to me, it wasn’t sustainable. I started binging and gained back the 3lbs I had lost and MORE. I always felt hungry and would crave food, even more than when I wasn’t dieting.

Then, my aunt introduced me to Keto. I’ve been on Keto for 5 months now and lost exactly 43lbs. I stalled a few times but this is healthy weight loss. It works!

Why Do I Want To Help You?

Well, that’s because I went through all the struggles already. If I share right here what I’ve learned through out my journey on Keto, I’m hoping to lessen the struggle for others.

I’m not a nutritional expert, I’m not a dietitian, I’m not a doctor. I’m just a normal person that tried the diet, learned my way through it and who’s just hoping to share what she learned with the whole world and to convey the right information.

You see, there are so many people who are misinformed about the diet and spread the wrong information. There are so many people NOT doing Keto the right way and don’t lose weight. They then bash it, saying it doesn’t work.

There are others who are beginners who don’t know where or how to start their Keto lifestyle. They have lots of questions and often times, don’t get a straight-forward answer or don’t get the right answer.

I just want to help those who want to learn more about Keto and those who are already on it, who are maybe lost or stuck.

If I was able to lose 43lbs on Keto in the last 5 months, I must be doing something right, no?

What You Will Learn On Keto Like A Pro?

It’s easy to say, “everything Keto” but you want to know the specifics. I get it.

Keto Like a Pro is a website that will help you get started, get you through stalls, give you exercise tips, other tips and tricks to accelerate weight loss and where you can get tons and tons of recipes that you can make/cook/bake everyday.

Some topics will be more elaborate than others but my goal is to make it simple enough for the commoner to understand. When those experts or even those doctors use some terms, it’s hard to understand. We’re not medical professionals.

I’m hoping that Keto Like A Pro will be the intermediary between the common person and their destination to Keto, to eating healthy and to better health.

Don’t Be Shy! I Don’t Bite – Unless It’s A Cheesecake!

Do you have any questions about me? If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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